The Fan Call

June 2020, tossing a lifeline.

Dear Fan,

We all have this special product (or service) that we relate to in a memorable way.​
That we loved. And that was taken away from us, not available anymore on the market.​

This place is for you, dear Fan. This place is for calling the comeback of your product or service.​

Welcome to The Fan Call initiative. Please join us to make this happen.
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The Fan Call initiative gives voice to passionate customers for they can ask to a specific company
to relaunch a product or service through preorders petitioning

Need to see your beloved product back on the market?

Example of Fan Calls​

What would you call for? ANY PRODUCT, all ideas are welcome!

Ask Nike to relaunch my beloved 90's sneakers

Ask Nintendo to revive its iconic Gameboy console

Ask Elton John to come perform back in your town - it's been 30 years!

Ask for a new season of TV Show Friends

Share your Fan Call ! or

Stay in the know

Leave us your mail and stay in the loop of our evolving project!

Look back on previous famous product revivals

History shows example of great success in product revivals, what could be those of tomorrow with your help?

Stan Smith (2014) &
Americana (2019)

NES classic mini

Saddle bag

JOG 85 (2019) &
Revival Jog (2020)

Monthy Python Live

Oreo's O

How does it work?

1. Create a Fan Call

By naming a product, a company, and placing your pre-order*


*Pre-orders to open soon (see The Project page)

2. We contact the company

Once traction is confirmed, we formally ask for product relaunch by showing all gathered preorders


3. Product revival?

The Fan Call comes to an end, either with your product in your hands or with a refund


Share your Fan Call ! or

Stay in the know

Leave us your mail and stay in the loop of our evolving project!

What's the plan?

A collaborative and ambitious project depending on a strong Fan voice. #PleaseJoinUs

First & Now

Fan community building

Second & Soon

Fan Calls preordering campaigns

Third & Tomorrow

Your product revival

Share your Fan Call ! or

Stay in the know

Leave us your mail and stay in the loop of our evolving project!

Our Goal

Contributing to customer empowerment and solving customer frustration is our main goal through this initiative.

We've experienced customer frustration in the past by seeing some of our favorite products disappear from market.
We believe in dialog with companies to prove them there's value in relaunching them.

Our Promise

Reaching out and creating a dialogue with all companies showing significant interest from their Fans through our platform.

We believe in establishing value-added discussions with companies through a business-oriented approach by bringing to the table all collected pre-orders on The Fan Call.
While we will always keep the customer & Fan's interests in mind, we can't promise the company will agree to market re-launch.

Our Values

Together we are stronger: We believe in the power of the masses for addressing brands, as well as in its underlying collective intelligence as a key enabler.

Transparency is not an option: We answer to you, Fans, and will always be transparent with you on this project, on our progress and discussions with brands, and collected amounts.

Trying and trying again: This initiative is a long run and will take time, but we'll keep trying as we have your support!
Thank you for your support and continuous feedback!


What would you call for ?

Share us your Fan Call !​

The Fan Call is based exclusively on Fans' engagement and feedback. We're trusting on your support and ideas

Join the initiative, inspire us and tell us your Fan Call !

Promise we'll keep in touch.

Submit your Fan Call *!

*Today it’s simple petitionning & ideas sharing, soon it will be paired with pre-ordering & campaigning